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Fastrac 2155

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  • Field Speed Control allows the operator to set engine to a desired level. The system is activated and deactivated at the flick of a switch, a useful feature when carrying out headland turns during draft or PTO work.
  • Removable engine side panels allow clear access to daily check and service points. Cooling pack folds out for effective cleaning and maintenance.
  • An engine diagnostics system enables the operator or dealer to instantly identify any problem, minimising downtime.
  • JCB Smoothshift oil immersed clutch reduces operational effort and is guaranteed against wear for 6000 hours.
  • The three speed powershift, which forms part of the transmission, allows rapid up or down shifts to be made without the clutch.
  • Autoshift automatically changes the powershift gear ratio in response to engine load. Four Autoshift modes mean minimal operator effort when using trailer, plough 540 PTO or 1000 PTO, with a fifth mode able to tailor to Powershift to individual requirements.
  • JCB Selectronic allows pre-selection of the required gear range, leaving the operator’s hands free for more critical manoeuvres.
Suspension and Chassis
  • The four link front suspension allows tyres to tuck in against the chassis for a tight turning circle.
  • Anti-roll bars control stiffness and improve handling for greater safety.
  • Self-levelling on the rear suspension compensates for the additional weight of implements whilst also improving traction. Self-levelling from side to side assists sprayer boom stability, particularly when working on hillsides.
  • Full air over hydraulic ABS brakes on all four wheels for safer stopping. (Note: ABS territory specific)
  • Optional Quadtronic 4WS provides five different steering modes, each developed to maximise field performance.
  • Large cab has two full size seats for driver and passenger and large glass area for excellent all-round visibility.
  • State of the art sound insulation techniques and new cab isolation mounts keep noise to class leading low levels
  • The JCB Electronic Monitoring System (EMS) provides a performance assessment of numerous machine functions on the dashboard to keep the operator up-to-date with machine productivity. It includes; engine speed; PTO speed; selected powershift ratio; full range of warning indicators such as engine and transmission oil pressure. The system can be configured for either Imperial or Metric readings.
  • Three, four position zero leak spool valves as standard.
  • Bosch linkage control panel allows straightforward operation of the rear linkage and is backlit for efficient night-time operation.
  • The flow control spool valve provides variable flow control between 10-80 l/min for accurate speed control of implements.
  • Optional adjustable wheel slip control works in conjunction with a radar sensor which measures true ground speed. It adjusts weight transfer from the implement to the Fastrac for optimum traction. It reduces tyre wear and soil panning. It can be adjusted to suit varying ground conditions.