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Fastrac 3200XTRA

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  • Cummins 6.7 litre engine utilises 4 valves per cylinder technology and intercooling for maximum power and efficiency.
  • Rear driven geartrain dramatically reduces external engine noise.
  • Common rail fuel injection system can operate at pressures of up to 1,600 bar and uses electronics to precisely control injection of the fuel, improving performance and efficiency.
  • Effective dust filtration is supplemented by a Donaldson Powercore system that uses centrifugal force to remove large dust particles before they enter the filter element, helping to reduce routine maintenance.
  • Engine management system continuously monitors performance to help increase service life: after the initial 100-hour service the engine oil and filters only need renewing every 500 hours, while top-end engine maintenance is only required every 5,000 hours.


  • Designed and produced by JCB, P-TRONIC is a 24-speed semi-powershift transmission which achieves speeds of up to 65kph and gives you the right speed for any application.
  • 6 powershift gears within 4 ranges ensure smooth, rapid up or down shifts under load, while the multi-plate, oil-immersed wet clutch gives smooth progressive engagement of drive without use of the clutch pedal.
  • Xtra Drive technology allows the machine to be driven like an automatic car, pressing the brake pedal to stop and simply releasing the brake to drive off for an effortless, clutchless driving experience.
  • CAN-BUS technology communicates between engine and transmission allowing the machine to select the most appropriate gear for the engine load and operation.
  • 3 touchscreen-accessed transmission modes (Powershift, Autoshift and Drive) give you optimum machine performance.
Suspension and Chassis
  • The triple rate front suspension system smoothes out all the bumps and jolts for an incredibly smooth ride and greater traction and lower compaction in the field.
  • Anti-roll bars control stiffness and improve handling for greater safety.
  • Self-levelling on the rear suspension compensates for the additional weight of implements whilst also improving traction. Self-levelling from side to side assists sprayer boom stability, particularly when working on hillsides.
  • Full air over hydraulic ABS braking on all four wheels for safer stopping. (Note: ABS territory specific)
  • External disc brakes with excellent cooling for efficient fade-free braking.
  • Large, spacious cab has two full size seats for driver and passenger and large glass area for excellent all-round visibility.
  • Seat mounted controls puts all key tractor functions all together and in one place at the operator's fingertips, making the machine incredibly intuitive.
  • A full colour touch screen gives access to machine status and setup, with a simple, extremely easy to use layout for optimum machine performance and productivity.
  • Options include a field performance package with Headland Turn Assist, additional worklights, heated front and rear windscreens, driver's seat and electric mirrors let you obtain optimum performance and comfort.


  • Load-sensing variable displacement auxiliary hydraulic pump features flow rates up to 132 litres/min, saving fuel and wear, and prevents excessive heat generation in the hydraulic system
  • Big capacity, flow-on-demand hydraulics give 100-litre/min maximum outputs per valve.
  • Optional load-sensing power beyond connection allows implements with their own valve block to demand oil from the tractor when required
  • Ergonomic armrest mounted linkage controls maintain precise control. Category 2 electronic front linkage gives both single and double actuation at the flick of a switch, as well as height, depth and linkage operating speed controls.
  • Electronically controlled spool valves let you adjust time and flow for accurate and automatic control of implements.